World Convention of the Korean Language 2021

The Contest of
the World Convention of the Korean Language

Aspects of the
Language to

How is the Korean Alphabet and Language used in Daily Life?


Anyone from around the world with a high interest in the Korean alphabet and language(both Koreans and foreigners)

Submission Period

August 10 (Tuesday) – midnight on September 9 (Thursday), 2021(KST)

Theme: Free

Creative Song (Rap in Korean) Video
[Creative songs on the Korean alphabet, language, and culture (in Korean)]
Beautiful Writing (Calligraphy)
[Beautiful Korean writing that you want to share (calligraphy)]

※ Limited to works personally produced in 2021

View past awarded works

How to participate

Creative Song (Rap in Korean) Video
[Submission Tips]
  • Video of within 3 min
  • Personally produce video with a mobile phone or media equipment, and submit.
  • Submit in video file format (WMV, MP4, AVI).
    • Screen size 1440×1080 or 1289×720 pixels / below 100MB
    • The voices and subtitles in the video must be in Korean only.
[How to Submit]
  • Post the video you want to submit to the contest on your personal YouTube account, and enter the link when submitting the video through the contest website.
    • Example of a title when posting on YouTube: [WOCKL_RAP] Work Title_ Name/Group Name (in Korean or English)

      [세계한국어한마당] Work Title_Name/Group name (in Korean or English)

Beautiful Writing (Calligraphy)
[Submission Tips]
  • Resolution of over 3,000 pixels in PDF or JPEG file format
[How to Submit]
  • Submit the title and explanation when submitting works through the contest website.
    • Example of a title when submitting files: [세계한국어한마당] Work Title_Name/Group name (in Korean or English)

※ Up to 5 works can be submitted per person (however, prizes are limited to 1 work per person)

Precautions to Take

[Precautions to take when submitting works]
  • The submitted works must have been personally created in 2021 and should not have been submitted to any other contest. If the work is deemed to have committed plagiarism, illegal use, or imitation, it will be disqualified from the evaluation, and if deemed to have committed plagiarism, etc., awards will be canceled, and prizes will be revoked.
  • The intention of the creative work, reason for having selected the work theme, and explanation of the work should be clearly stated in the application form.
  • The work should not be provocative and commercially harmful and must maintain an intercultural viewpoint.
  • One person (or group) can submit up to five works, but only one can be selected for an award per person or group.
  • Only application forms and videos submitted within the submission period will be evaluated.
  • Works that do not meet the submission criteria may be disqualified from the evaluation.
  • The applicants must bear all costs used to produce the works and agree to the collection and use of personal information and copyright.
  • The awardees must bear the cost of retaxation imposed on the award (4.4% as of January 2021), and the actual money prize received will be the amount with retaxation deducted.
[Precautions on copyright]
  • The copyright (intellectual property right and author’s moral right) of the works submitted to the contest lies with the applicant (creator) of the works and remains so even after receiving awards.
  • The organizing institutions can copy, exhibit, and publicly transmit the awarded works in a nonmonopolistic manner limited to nonprofit purposes, such as educational and promotional events, for three years after the announcement of the awardees.
  • The host may request the original video when necessary for the use of the awarded works for educational or promotional events, etc. If it is, the awardee must provide the original video.
  • Provided, if the awarded works are used beyond the scope published in the contest information, the use by the host must be separately agreed with the copyright holder.
  • The submitted works shall not violate the copyrights or portrait rights, etc. of a third party. If violated, the applicant is liable for all responsibilities that occur because of the violation.
  • The host shall dispose of all submitted works that have not been awarded within three months of the end date of the contest.

Evaluation and Award Details

  • [Evaluation period] September 13 (Monday) – 17 (Friday), 2021 (KST)
  • [Evaluation criteria] Comprehensive evaluation of creativity, expression, clarity of theme, and completeness, etc. by the Evaluation Committee
  • [Announcement of awardees] Expected on September 27 (Monday) (KST)
  • [Awards] A total of 19 works (1 Grand Prix, 2 Excellence Awards, 6 Outstanding Awards, 10 Participation Awards)
  • The award ceremony is expected to be held during the closing ceremony of the “2021 World Convention of the Korean Language” on October 9 (Saturday).
    (The details of the ceremony will be individually provided to the awardees.)

Category Creative Songs
(Rap in Korean)
Beautiful Writing
Prize Money Note
Grand Prix 1piece KRW 3 million Korean Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award
Excellence Award 1piece 1piece KRW 1 million each Director General of the National Institute of Korean Language Award
Outstanding Award 3piece 3piece KRW 500,000 each Director General of the National Institute of Korean Language Award
Participation Award 5piece 5piece KRW 300,000 each Director General of the National Institute of Korean Language Award